Monday 17 June 2024

Book News

I'm happy to announce that, all going well, there will be a second book this year! I've been working away on one of the sample bands and am now one third of the way through the stack of designs. There's 153 in total (at the moment), so it's going to take a while yet, but I wanted to share a little about the project with you. 

It's something of a return to the style of my early books, Warp-Twined Angles and Vacant-Hole Pinwheels, in that there will be a whole host of drafts woven using the same threading that you will be able to weave in any order you like, only this time the drafts vary in length. The shortest has a pattern repeat of just 4 rows, while the longest will take 80 rows to complete. I'm weaving them in size order, so I expect the number of drafts I complete each day to slow down as I reach the end.

In addition to all the new drafts, there will be an analysis of the historical band I used as a starting point for the book, as well as instructions for producing your own reconstruction.

I'm excited to see what you weave from it and where the designing tips I'm including will take you!

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