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If you don't belong to a university or other institution and don't have access to an academic library, researching extant examples of tablet weaving can be extremely frustrating. I've put together this list of academic articles that are available for free online to help break down some of the barriers to research that you might be facing. This page started its life as a list that I curated for the Ravelry Tablet Weaving group. I've since added to it and expanded it and intend to continue doing so as I find more material online. I have noted it next to the entry where the resource is in a language other than English.

If you know of a freely available academic article about tablet weaving that you'd like me to include, please let me know.

Crowfoot, Elisabeth and Rogers, Penelope Walton, Textiles from the Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Wasperton, Warks, The Anglo-Saxon Laboratory, The Anglo-Saxon Laboratory, (2006)

Crowfoot, Grace, A Medieval Tablet Woven Braid from a Buckle found at Felixstowe, (1950)

Geijer, Agnes. Några medeltida band, Forn Vännen Journal of Swedish Antiquarian Research (1928), (in German)

Geijer, Agnes. Birka III - Die Textilfunde Aus den Grabern. Birka: Untersuchungen und Studien III. Uppsala: Almkvist and Wiksells B.A., Kungl. Vitterhets Antikvitets Akadamien (1938), (in German)

Halvorsen, Sunniva Wilberg. Dates and Dyes - New test results for the finds from Tegle and Helgeland, Norway, Archaeological Textiles Newsletter, (2008)

Harris, Susanna and Rösel-Mautendorfer, Helga and Grömer, Karina and Reschreiter, Hans, Cloth cultures in prehistoric Europe: the Bronze Age evidence from Hallstatt, Archaeology International, (2009)

Hedeager Krag, Anne and Ræder Knudsen,  Lise, Vikingetidstekstiler. Nye opdagelser fra gravfundene i Hvilehøj og Hørning. Nationalmuseets Arbejdsmark. København (1999), (in Danish with English summary)

Knudsen, Lise Ræder, Det uldne bånd fra Mammengraven. In Mette Iversen (red.):Mammen, grav, kunst og samfund i vikingetiden. Jysk Arkæologisk Selskabs Skrifter XXVII. Viborg (1991), (in Danish)

Knudsen, Lise Ræder, Technical description of the Fragments of the Broad Tablet woven band found on the Big Cauldron from Eberdingen-Hochdorf. I Johanna Banck-Burgess: Hochdorf IV. Stuttgart (1999)

Knudsen, Lise Ræder, Brocaded Tablet Woven Bands: Same Appearance, Different Weaving technique, Hørning, Hvilehøj and Mammen. I: North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles VII. Edinburg (1999)

Knudsen, Lise Ræder and Mannering, Ulla, A Danish Early Germanic Iron Age Grave with Tablet Woven Cuffs. In: North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles 9. Braunwald (2005)

Knudsen, Lise Ræder,  Et silkebånd fra Erik Klipping grav. In: Viborgbogen 2006. Viborg (2006) (in Danish) (English translation)

Knudsen, Lise Ræder, Høvding og præst? Skalk nr. 6, (2007), (In Danish)

Knudsen, Lise Ræder, Rekonstruktion des Webvorganges bei der Dürrnberg-Borte. In: Karina Grömer and Thomas Stöllner, Ein Abgerissener Ärmel aus dem Salzbergwerk Dürrnberg.Jahrbuch des Römish-Germanishen Zentralmuseums Mainz. 56. Jahrgang (2009), (in German)

Knudsen, Lise Raeder and Gromer, Karina, Discovery of a new tablet weaving technique from the Iron Age, Archaeological Textiles Review, volume 54, (2012)

Knudsen, Lise Ræder, The Tablet-woven Borders of Verucchio  In: Margarita Gleba and Ulla Mannering, Textiles and Textile Production in Europe from Prehistory to AD 400. Oxford (2012)

Knudsen, Lise Ræder, Tacit Knowledge and the Interpretation of archaeological tablet-woven textiles. In: Sophie Bergerbrant and Sølvi Helene Fossøy: A Stitch in Time: Essays in Honour of Lise Bender Jørgensen. Gothenburg (2014)

Knudsen, Lise Ræder, Ancient Running Animals: Tablet-Woven borders from China and Norway . In: Marie Louise Nosch, Zhao Feng and Lotika Varadarajan. Global Textile Encounters. Oxford, (2014)

Nockert, Margareta and Ræder Knudsen, Lise, Gotländska brickband från vikingatiden. Gotlandsk Arkiv,  Uppsala (1996), (in Swedish and Danish)

Ostrom Peters, C. The Silk Road Textiles at Birka: An Examination of the Tabletwoven Bands, The Textile Society of America Symposium Proceedings (2002)

Priest-Dorman, Carolyn, "Scutulis Dividere Gallia": Weaving on Tablets in Western Europe, Textile Society of America Symposium Proceedings, (1998)

Rogers, Penelope Walton, Textile Production at 16-22 Coppergate, York Archaeological Trust, (1997)

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