Wednesday 26 December 2018

Tablet Weaving Draft Designer Updates

A screen shot of the TDD Control Panel with the new control highlighted
We've made a change to TDD so that it can generate drafts for vacant-hole technique patterns! In vacant-hole technique, one or more holes of the tablet are intentionally left empty. This will allow glimpses of weft on the surface of the band that would normally be covered by the warp threads.

In the palette on the control panel, the box "none" can now be used to remove threads from the threading diagram. This will leave blank boxes in the turning diagram, with the same white and grey backgrounds as before to denote turning direction. 

Previously, the "none" box could be selected to make clicks on the threading diagram change the warp alignment/ threading direction. This was in addition to alignment changes caused by clicking on the letters at the bottom of the diagram. Now the only way to change the alignment is to click on the letters.

Below is an example of a vacant-hole pattern:

An example pattern draft that uses the new control
A tablet woven band made using the pattern above