Thursday 5 May 2022


I originally designed and wove this draft back in 2015 and shared in the Baelfyr (the Insulae Draconis SCA group newsletter), but it never made it as far as the blog. While the draft for this band is my own invention, the subject, Minions, belongs solely and completely to Universal Studios.

A short section of tablet woven band showing little yellow men in blue overalls, photographed against a grassy background

It was an interesting one to weave, as I was swapping out threads on the fly when they weren't giving me the effect I wanted. I cut the offending thread 5cm away from the edge of the band, pulled it out of its tablet, cut a new piece to length, tied it onto the back of the loom, threaded it through the tablet, then tied it on to the cut end of the old thread. The result was somewhat messy, but each thread swap got me closer to what I was hoping for. Unfortunately, I don't have much of the finished band, as it went to live with a friend. If I was to weave it again, I would use a white weft rather than a blue one, to avoid the little blue dots on the background between the Minions.

A tablet weaving draft formed from two grids, each filled with diagonal ovals in white, blue, yellow, grey and black.

You can download the .tdd file for this draft by clicking here

You can download the text version for this draft by clicking here

To form the black eye dots, thread a needle with black yarn, the same as the one used in the warp, held doubled and make small running stitches across the diamond goggle section, carrying the thread behind the band between stitches.

As with all of the free drafts/patterns on this site, you are welcome to weave them, sell bands woven using them, and use them to teach other weavers, just as long as you state where you found them.


  1. see that blogger/Google says I'm unknown even when Logged in - anyway
    love the TDD and the fact it works on my mac, but wonder, is it possible for the repeats when used to show the squares fully filled in with colour instead of the ovals? just think this would be a little easier to see for tracking any errors (or are they design possibilities?)
    I would send this via email but I can't find one for either of you.

    1. Thank you for your feedback about TDD; it always brightens our day to hear that people are finding it useful. I'll add your suggest to the wishlist and we'll have a think about it. I can't promise when we'll be able to get to it though, unfortunately.

  2. Hi ! Just discovered your blog while searching for tablet weaving advices to start making a belt for a Viking costume and your blog is so so helpful and full of amazing designs ! Thank you so so much ! Will probably make the vines design from July 2018 because it seems quite easy for a beginner :)