Saturday 3 July 2021


A photo of a green and white tablet woven band patterned with leaves and branches, taken against a leafy background

Sometimes people ask how I come up with my ideas. It varies quite a bit, depending on the project I'm working on. For my books Warp-Twined Angles and Vacant-Hole Pinwheels, when I was coming up with their large number of motifs, I worked out some of them by just playing around with a pencil and some draft paper and some of those lead on to others (what happens if I put this line here instead?). Further motifs came about when I was inputting the motifs into Tablet Weaving Draft Designer when I was inspired by the shapes the lines took on above where I was working.

The idea for this particular draft came to me when my mind was wandering during a Very Large Headache. I'd been thinking about coming up with a branching leaves type motif for a while. Sometimes I have an idea of the type of motif I want to weave, then my brain works away at it until it's ready to draw as a pencil sketch. This can be pretty unhelpful if the draft comes together in my head while I'm attempting to fall asleep!

I made a video of how I generated the draft for this band using TDD that you can view below.

A tablet weaving draft for a band in white and green, with a branching, leafy motif
You'll get a build up of twist behind some of the tablets for this draft, so you could tackle it using fishing swivels or combing it out manually, as I did. If you'd prefer to weave it out (working a version of the draft with turning directions opposite to what you've previously done), I've put together a reverse draft. Before you begin it, make sure that you've completely finish the last repetition of the draft above and that all the tablets are in the A-D position.

A draft for the reversed version of the Branches draft, with green leaves and branches on a white background pointing down instead of up

You can download the Branches TDD draft by clicking here.

You can download the text version of the Branches draft by clicking here.

You can download the Branches reverse TDD draft by clicking here.

You can download the text version of the Branches reverse draft by clicking here.

As with all of the free drafts on this site, you are welcome to weave them, sell bands woven using them, and use them to teach other weavers, just as long as you state where you found them.

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