Sunday 18 July 2021

New Link for Tablet Weaving Draft Designer!

If you can't currently access TDD or you're getting a 404 error, it may be because the link to it has changed! 

You can now find it at If you usually use it will now redirect to the new address rather than the old address.


  1. Hello,

    Thank you for this new link. I've used it once and now there seems to be something wrong. When I open TDD there is no text in the control panel on the left. I can see the panel, but no text. Are you familiar with this problem? Am I doing something wrong? And can you help mee to fix it? TIA!

    Kind regards, Marjolein

    1. Hi,

      James says he'll look into it. He asks what computer and operating system, browser, and default language you are using.


    2. I'm using Safari (12.1.1) now, but also tried Google Chrome (both with the same result) on MacBook Air with iOs 10.14.5 (Dutch)

      Thank you for your quick reply!

  2. I suspect that the fact you're on a Dutch computer is probably the key thing here. We recently added support for a Japanese translation of the site, and so before loading the text it now checks whether Japanese or English is a better language to give you. I suspect (and will check later this evening) that if your system language is neither English nor Japanese it is failing to work out which to supply. It should be an easy fix.

  3. Please try now, it should be falling back to English correctly now.

  4. Yes, it is working again! Thank you!