Wednesday 22 March 2023


A photograph of a tablet woven band with gold and green ginkgo leaves on a white background, hung up in a dark green laurel hedge

This little botanical draft popped into my head in the middle of the night a few months ago. It's one of a number of designs that have been sitting, waiting to be woven from when I was writing my book Tablet Weaving in Theory and Practice: Golden Diagonals. They don't stop arriving just because I'm already working on something else! I'm hoping to weave my way through some of them in the coming year and share them with you here.

The yarns I used for the sample band are by Mothy and the Squid in the colourways Frozen Leaves (an autumnal blend of warm greens and browns) and Silver Lining (a really pretty grey). They're gorgeous hand-dyed merino-nylon sock yarns and Frozen Leaves has a little sparkle for extra interest. I've used yarns from Mothy and the Squid for tablet weaving before and they were a delight, so when these colourways came up on her site, I knew that they'd be the perfect pairing for this draft. The golds and greens of Frozen Leaves really capture how ginkgo leaves change colour as the tree prepares for the end of the year.

Link to text version file for the Ginkgo draft
Link to the TDD file for the Ginkgo draft

As with all of the free drafts/patterns on this site, you are welcome to weave them, sell bands woven using them, and use them to teach other weavers, just as long as you state where you found them.

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