Friday, 20 July 2018


In 2015 I wove some fabric on my 8-shaft table loom (the "big" loom), with the intention of making a sideless surcoat. I completely screwed up the cutting and ended up with pieces of precious fabric that were unusable for what I wanted. These days I always make a mock up garment out of scrap fabric before I put scissors to the actual garment fabric. 

When the sting of my foolishness had faded a year or so later, I used what pieces I had to make a satchel style bag. People who relied on hand looms for their textiles wouldn't have wasted such a resource, so I shouldn't either.

The almost finished bag, complete with tassels made from loom waste.

I designed a simple tablet weaving pattern for a strap to match the main fabric. This pattern is fairly straight forward, but does involve groups of tablets turning both forwards and backwards, so I would recommend it for an advanced beginner/ intermediate weaver.

The band woven in cottolin. The weft bumps along the edges disappear if the weft is pulled in tighter.

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