Sunday 22 July 2018

Tablet Weaving Draft Designer Updates

New additions:

Visual Scale control as part of the Display section of the Control Panel. This can be used to increase the size of the draft, without changing the size of the Control Panel. It will also increase the resolution when exporting an image of the draft to .png or .jpeg.

Image Quality control added to the .png and .jpeg export preview. This starts at the same setting as your Visual Scale control and can also be used to increase the size and resolution of the image of the draft.

Added a link to this blog to the main page, below the link to the Instructions.

Adjustments to existing features:

Changes to the wording of the Instructions Page and the addition of a link to this blog.

Changes to the way the Control Panel behaves with input from keyboards to the Picks control.

Close preview button in the export preview moved to above the image of the draft rather than below.

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