Sunday, 18 August 2019


This pattern was inspired by work done by Shelagh Lewins on a band from the Oseberg ship burial (buried in 834 CE). It's a simple threaded-in pattern and is woven by turning the tablets continuously forwards (or by turning the tablets continuously backwards to work out built up twist). It's reversible, so the pattern appears on both sides of the band and would make a great selvedge pattern as part of a larger band.

This is an easy weave, as the tablet threadings produce the pattern so there's no need to make turning direction changes or keep count of numbers of turns. A perfect pattern to work on if you're new to tablet weaving.

Because most of the tablets in this band are threaded the same way, it will spiral back on itself when not under tension. You can counteract this by soaking it for at least an hour in cold water, then letting it air dry and pressing it with a steam iron (according to the ironing instructions for the yarn that you used). This gives some of the twist energy stored in the fibres of the band a chance to dissipate and will let the band lie flatter.

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