Monday 18 September 2023

Countable Infinity

 A few weeks ago, James (my husband and the programmer half of our Tablet Weaving Draft Designer team) was looking wistfully at some of the sample bands in my workroom and asked if I could make him a tunic-style shirt with fancy trim on it. I showed him some of the things from the folder of unwoven designs and we picked one, then I played with it and adjusted it until it matched what he was hoping for.

A tablet woven band decorated with yellow and green diagonal lines and infinity symbols on a black background hangs in front of leaves beginning to turn autumnal brown

The 10/2ne Lunatic Fringe tubular spectrum yarns I have were at the tip of his wishlist, particularly the yellow and green shades (#10 yellow, #10 yellow-green and #10 green), paired with their 10/2ne black. It's a combination I've used before and the colours pop really nicely, plus the yarn is a pleasure to weave with. I used a black sewing thread (rather than the same yarn as the warp) as the weft for this band to help me beat the threads into place tighter and get crisper pattern lines. Apart from the selvedge tablets, this band is twist-neutral, but you will find that you get less take-up on the two pattern tablets on each side, so you may have to retension your warp.

Two grids representing the threading diagram and turning diagram for the Countable Infinity band. The grids are filled with ovals indicating threads in yellow, black and two shades of green, with white backgrounds for forward turns and greybackgrounds for backward turns.

Link to text version

Link to TDD file

As with all of the free drafts/patterns on this site, you are welcome to weave them, sell bands woven using them, and use them to teach other weavers, just as long as you state where you found them.


  1. Compré tu libro. Está maravilloso. I bought your book. It's wonderful. I am Sergio, from Colombia, in América. Thanks.

  2. It's beautiful. Although at this stage in my tablet weaving journey, 40 cards seems enormously unwieldy! lol