Monday 3 January 2022

New Year, New Tablet Weaving Draft Designer Features!

James has done some work on TDD over the Christmas and New Year period, squashing a few bugs and adding four new features.

At the bottom of the Controls section of the Control Panel, you will find a box labelled Lock Draft. If you click on it, it will prevent changes from being made in the draft. Click on it again to unlock the draft again. I'll be using this when I'm weaving from TDD and I don't want stray clicks altering the draft.

In the Display section, there's a box you can click to change the labelling of your tablets from clockwise to anti-clockwise. I always work with clockwise labelled tablets, but I know that some of you prefer it the other way round, so this will hopefully make TDD more useful to you. If you do change your labels in the draft, the change will also be reflected in its text description.

Also in the Display section, you will now find a button called Show Turning Diagram you can click to hide the turning diagram, so you'll be able to export a picture file of just the threading diagram if you want to. Handy for if you're ever working with a number of drafts that all use the same threading diagram, but different turning diagrams and you want to save a bit of space on the page by including the threading diagram separately.

In the Resets section, there is now a button you can press to change the Palette back to its default colours, without otherwise altering the draft. This is going to come in pretty handy when I'm working on a new design and I'm trying out combinations of colours for it.