Books about Tablet Weaving

On this page, I've collected together some of the many books that cover tablet weaving, listed alphabetically by author. I've added a short description of each book, an ISBN and a source where possible. 

Part of this list originated in the Ravelry Tablet Weaving group, curated by me and other moderators, based on the suggestions of members. In turn, part of that list drew on a list I made for the Baelfyr, an SCA newsletter.

Prices for the out of print books will vary wildly based on algorithm, vendor and availability, so I highly recommend shopping around. The links I have included here are intended as starting points, but may not be the only source for the book.

If you know of a book (more are being published all the time!) that you'd like me to add, please let me know.

Atwater, Mary Meigs. Byways in Handweaving, (1988), ISBN: 0916658473 

Hard Copy

The first chapter is on tablet weaving. There is a brief introduction and several patterns, mostly threaded-in but also a little bit about Egyptian diagonals and other advanced techniques. There is some mention of non-4-holed tablets. 

Balgalve-Treimane, Lilija. Celaines, Celu Jostu un Apaudu Aušana (Tablet Woven Bands, The Weaving of Sashes and Trim), Rīga (2018). ISBN 9789934194375. 

Hard copy

A great resource for anyone interested in Latvian tablet weaving, this 248 page book offers many examples of ethnographic and archaeological tablet woven bands, along with drafts for weaving them. Although written in Latvian, there are many colour photographs and b/w illustrations, so that anyone serious about weaving these bands is able to do so. The drafts range from narrow threaded in patterns to empty hole and intricate patterns using more than one weft colour.

Bargmann, Ute and Wollny, Claudia, roselein und wecklein: Brocading Patterns for Tablet Weaving from the Late Medieval Cod. Pal. Germ. 551, (2021) ISBN: 9783948315122, 

Hard copy

Dual language in English and German. A collection of brocade patterns translated by the authors from a 15th century notebook originating in the Poor Clare nunnery in Nuremberg.

Collingwood, Peter, Techniques of Tablet Weaving, (2015 -most recent edition), ISBN: 9781626542143

Hard copy

Collingwood takes us through equipment, yarns, warping techniques, threading and manipulation of the tablets, starting and finishing bands and nine different weaving techniques and the patterns they produce. He includes in-depth descriptions of working with two, three, four, six and eight holed tablets, different methods of double weave, brocading and even ways of adding a pile or velvet structure to bands.

Crowfoot, Elisabeth et al, Textiles and Clothing 1150-1450, (2012), ISBN: 1843832399, 

Hard copy

This comprehensive book gives academic style discussions of many of the textile and clothing related finds from excavations in London and has been produced by the Museum of London. It has a chapter dedicated to narrow wares of different kinds, including tablet weaving, both flat and tubular, as well as finger-loop braiding, plaits, tabby braids, garters and hairnets.

Crockett, Candace, Card Weaving, (1991), ISBN: 0934026610 

Hard copy

It includes a brief history of the craft, sample patterns and suggestions for taking your weaving further and is illustrated by colour as well as black and white photographs and diagrams.

Egan, Geoff and Pritchard, Frances, Dress Accessories 1150-1450, (2013), ISBN: 1843833514, 

Hard copy

Of particular interest to weavers of narrow wares are the chapters on girdles, buckles, strap-ends and hair accessories. While the girdles chapter goes into the most detail on narrow wares, the other chapters that I have mentioned give examples of how narrow wares were used and the type of hardware they were used with.

Groff, Russell E, Card Weaving or Tablet Weaving, reprinted several times (first 1969, latest 2012?), published by Robin and Russ Handweavers. ISBN:1566590086 

Hard copy

It is still available as a hard copy, both new and used. This book has a brief introduction to tablet weaving along with several dozen threaded-in patterns.

Hendrickson, Linda, Please Weave a Message (2003) and Double-Faced Tablet Weaving: 50 Designs from Around the World (1996), 

Available from the author

Both books are about double-face and include tips for graphing your own letters and designs. They have 50 designs (or 7 different fonts, depending on the book in question) and finish with several pages of the blank graph paper. Woven examples shown in photographs throughout.

Karisto, Maikki and Pasanen, Mervi, Applesies and Fox Noses - Finnish Tabletwoven Bands, (2013), 

Hard copy

Dual language book in Finnish and English. Easy and accessible charts, as well as some more advanced patterns. The patterns can be described as Finnish Diagonals, sometimes also called Egyptian Diagonals.

Leet, Kris and Malan, Linda, The Willful Pursuit of Complexity, (2002) 

pdf copy on CD

An excellent discussion of vacant-hole technique, with historical examples.

Mullarkey, John et al, A Tablet Weaver's Pattern Book, (2007), ISBN: 0615179347 

Hard copy, also available as a pdf

200 different threaded-in patterns and pattern variations that are accessible to all levels of weavers. Each pattern includes a threading diagram, turning sequence and a diagram of the finished band. 

Mullarkey, John, Tablet Weaving: Kivrim Ram's Horn and Other Turkish Inspired Designs 

pdf copy

Ram's horn, running dog, vines and other kivrim designs. Warning: despite the wide usage of kivrim patterns in the re-enactment community, kivrim is NOT Viking! Collingwood dates it to the 19th century.

Sandermann Olsen, Eva, Tablet Weaving,  (2013) 

free pdf copy

Tablet Weaving is available for free online and guides the weaver through a wide number of techniques with straightforward and easy to follow diagrams and descriptions. Available to download in either English or Danish.

Snow, Marjorie and William. Step by Step Tablet Weaving, (1973). ISBN: 0307611027 

Hard copy

Probably long out of print, but can be found on the used market. A basic intro to tablet weaving (not too dissimilar from Candace Crockett’s book), with plenty of patterns, mostly threaded in but also a few more advanced techniques.

Spies, Nancy, Ecclesiastical Pomp and Aristocratic Circumstance: A Thousand Years of Brocaded Tabletwoven Bands, (2000), ISBN: 0615116817 

Purchased pdf download

This is an exceptional reference book for both weavers and those interested in the historical use of different pattern motifs with 70 pages of accurate charts and descriptions of historical bands.

Spies, Nancy and Bargmann, Ute, Anna Neuper's Modelbuch: Early Sixteenth-Century Patterns for Weaving Brocaded Bands, (2003), ISBN: 0971896011 

Purchased pdf download

This book is based on a book handwritten in 1517 by a German nun called Anna Neuper and contains charts for 49 gold brocaded tablet woven bands. There are no notes on how to translate the charts into woven bands as the reader is assumed to already be proficient.

Staudigel, Otfried, Tablet Weaving Magic: Patterns from Oriental Countries and 25 Patterns in Plain Tablet Weave, (2000) 

Hard copy

Dual language in English and German. A large number of double-face and some threaded-in patterns (what the author refers to as "plain tablet weave").

Staudigel, Otfried, Woven Images, Unravelled Motifs: Doubled-faced tablet-woven bands from Burma, Tibet and Tunisia, (2008), ISBN: 3837069249 

Hard copy

Dual language in English and German. Extensive collection of double-face drafts.

Sutton, Ann and Holtom, Pat. Tablet Weaving, (1975). ISBN: 0823150453 

Hard copy

Another out-of-print basic introduction to tablet weaving that can be found on the used market, with patterns and basic instructions, mostly threaded-in but also a few more advanced techniques. 

van Epen, Marijke, Special Tablet Weaves, (2000) 

Hard copy

Description and analysis of a double-face bag and a three colour structure often referred to as Sulawesi Technique.

van Epen, Marijke, The Unknown Tablet Weaving: Patterns and Structures from Peru and Bolivia in a New Technique, (2002) 

Hard copy

A detailed explanation of an intriguing double-face technique.

Wollny, Claudia, Die fabelhafte Welt der brettchengewebten Stola und Manipel zu St. Donat, Arlon, (2015), ISBN: 9783000476822 

Hard copy

Published in a combination of Dutch, German, English and French, this book describes a historical example of 3/1 broken twill double-face and gives detailed instructions and drafts to enable the reader to replicate it. 

Wollny, Claudia, A Lily Grove: More than 100 and 1 tablet weaving designs in the Arlon style with 164 weaving patterns, (2016), ISBN: 978300510335 

Hard copy

Dual language in English and German. Further patterns by the author, drawing on the design principles of the 3/1 broken twill double-face maniple of St. Donat of Arlon.

Wollny, Claudia, A Lily Grove 2: More than 270 new weaving patterns for tablet weaving in the Arlon style, (2019), ISBN: 9783948315108 

Hard copy

Dual language in English and German. Even more beautiful twill patterns in the style of the 3/1 broken twill double-face maniple of St. Donat of Arlon.

Wollny, Claudia, Tablets at Work: The Book of Basic Tablet Weaving Techniques, (2021- 3rd edition), ISBN: 978-3-948315-09-2 

Hard copy

Dual language in English and German. Gives detailed instructions on 22 different tablet woven structures, as well as giving advice on warping and many other areas. Wollny discusses double-face and weaving it using both alternating and single threadings, giving 21 pages of sample drafts, as well as notes on designing your own.


  1. I found these - (Sulawesi tablet weaving) (warp twined angles)

    Haven't read them, but when my budget allows....

    1. Thank you for your recommendations. Those Sulawesi style drafts look really interesting and I believe that the author has made most of them available for free on their site.
      Tablet Weaving in Theory and Practice: Warp-Twined Angles Volume One is actually one of the books I've written. You can find out more about them one this page: