Tuesday 28 September 2021

TDD Update: Copyright of Drafts

To clarify copyright issues and how drafts made with TDD may be used, we've added a link to the main page, leading to a new page. On the new page, you will find the following text:

  • Tabletweaving Draft Designer is provided free of charge for use in creating, editing, viewing, and otherwise working with tablet weaving drafts. We do not currently plan to ever charge for it.
  • Any draft created using this software belongs to THE PERSON WHO DESIGNED IT, and that person may use it however they wish. This applies to both the computer-readable .tdd file and any human readable output format (.txt, .png. .svg, .jpg, etc...).
  • You MAY use drafts you designed yourself in commercial work if you wish.
  • We ASK (but do not require) that you include a statement that the drafts were designed using TDD and a link to TDD ( so that others might find it more easily.

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