Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Using the New Pattern Repeat Tool on TDD

The new Pattern Repeat tool may not work in quite the way you are expecting, so if you have any questions about it, please read this post. The band generated by the tool can't currently be exported as an image. This is on the to-do list, but may take a while.

When we did the recent redesign, we added a lot of improvements to our Tablet Weaving Draft Designer and dropped one of the old features: the Pattern Repeat tool. It wasn't functioning well and it was possible to use it to generate a band that wouldn't actually work when woven. If you had a draft for four-holed tablets, for example, and told the old tool that the repeat was the first two picks (rows), it would merely copy the contents of those two picks. If those two picks represented forward turns of the tablets, the old tool made it appear that continuous forward turns would repeat those two picks and only those two picks.

An example tablet weaving draft for 8 tablets in yellow and blue
A simple example draft

For the above example draft, if you told the old tool that the pattern repeat was from pick 1 to pick 2 and to repeat it twice, it would produce the band pictured below: 

An incorrect example band generated by the old pattern repeat tool
An incorrectly generated band

This is how the new pattern repeat tool shows it:

A screen shot of TDD showing how the new pattern repeat tool displays a band
This is how the new tool generates the band, given the same instructions as before

The new tool takes the turning sequence of the tablets for the picks that you specified, and applies it to the threads as they are arranged in your turning diagram, from the tablet starting positions in your first specified repeat pick.

An example draft showing how the new tool repeats the turning sequence from the turning diagram
Here the tool repeats the turning sequence from picks 1-6, so it shows you what the band looks like if you do 4 turns forward, then 2 turns backward, starting from pick 1 onwards

If the band generated by the Pattern Repeat tool is not what you were expecting, try adjusting the starting and ending picks that you have specified in the control panel.


  1. This is a TREMENDOUS tool!!! Took me a bit of time to wrap my head around the threading and sort of fill in the whole square with the colour - but awesome!

  2. Thank you for this amazing tool. It allows me to easily design and change design without pulling out the graph paper

  3. I have just started tablet weaving and I cannot say thank you enough times. Your blog has been so helpful in understanding the theory behind the weaving and you pattern tool is FANTASTIC! Thank you!!!