Monday 28 December 2020

Introducing Tablet Weaving Draft Designer v1.0

For some time now, the back end of Tablet Weaving Draft Designer (TDD) has been a mess. Each new function has been bolted on to it, on top of the previous new function, plus James has not been happy with the .json save file format. He's come up with a way to save drafts as a text based .tdd file that can be viewed by users, rather than the bundle of gibberish you get if you the pop the top off a .json file. You can open your old saved .json files from the previous version of TDD and convert them by saving them in the new format. We have no plan to remove this option to convert .json files, so there's no need to rush to change everything you have saved. 

A screenshot of the new TDD control panel
The new TDD control panel, showing the arrangement of each of the tool categories

Additionally, we're made some changes to the interface. The biggest thing is the new control panel. As we added more functions in the old TDD, the control panel has been getting, well, a bit out of control, so we've sorted the functions under headings. To view them, click on the plus sign next to the heading to expand it. You can then hide them again by clicking on the minus sign that replaces the plus sign.

You'll find a few new functions in addition to the old ones. Firstly, you can now tell TDD the name of your draft using the box at the top of the control panel. This will also be the name your .tdd file will be saved as when you save it to your computer. It will also be the name of any image files you export and will appear in the text in the .tdd file. When you export images, you can now specify how large you want them and we've added the option to export as an .svg as well as .png or .jpg. When you click on the button for your desired format from the Export options, it will now download straight away without taking you to another page. Additionally, you can now use Visual Scale to make drafts smaller as well as larger, which will be useful if you're working on a large draft that's bigger than the size of your window, so you can see all of it at once.

The only function that hasn't been carried across is Pattern Repeat, as the way it currently stands, it's possible to use it to simulate bands that wouldn't actually work when woven. It may be coming back in the future, but it currently isn't at the top of our to-do list.

If you come across any bugs, please please PLEASE let us know in the comments here or at telling us what you did, what TDD did and what you were expecting it to do instead.


  1. the gift that keeps on giving...a good brain exercise for me to learn this new version with all the many good additions and alterations. thank you both for your energy, industry, and enthusiasm. and mind reading skills, very impressive! so many things i might have asked for, there for me to play with. what a valuable collection of ideas! thank you thank you. kj

  2. Awesome! This is a great tool and I use it a lot.

    I spotted what might be a bug: In Firefox (84.0.1 (64-bit) on a mac), I can't download my file as a .png or .jpg. Downloading as a .svg works fine, and so does exporting the .json document. All three download file formats work in Chrome with no issues.

    1. James has fixed the bug you found and says thank you for noting it. The details you included in your comment were exactly what he needed to help him track down and squish it.

    2. Glad to help! I'm not sure it's quite squashed yet—now when I click the button I download a zero-byte file with a .jpg or .png extension.

    3. He says it should be fixed now. Apparently Firefox can be pretty buggy.

    4. It's working for me now :D

  3. OMG!!! Thank you for this tool. I am new to tablet weaving and this just makes the experience that much more enjoyable.