Sunday 29 December 2019

Tablet Weaving Draft Designer Updates

This update was inspired by Github user @jenniferalons, who came up with the idea for and wrote the code needed to add a function to TDD that would show several repeats of the draft making it easier to visualise what a band will look like, without having to do it manually within the draft. The pattern repeats will appear on the screen to the right of drafts or below them if there isn't enough space.

We've added to this great idea by making it possible to turn pattern repeats on and off, to specify how many repeats and to allow the user to decide how much of the draft to repeat (there are some patterns where a few set up picks are needed before the pattern can start). We've also made it so that you can save pattern repeats as well as drafts as picture files.

An example draft with its pattern repeat to the right of it

Thank you @jenniferalons!

1 comment:

  1. i saw this and was delighted! how to you find the time and good will to indulge those of us who don't know how to code: thank you thank you. as i begin to take longer to do less, and get confused more easily, i predict a happier time aging because you make this tool. i have learned so much from using it, though i also can't resist a piece of graph paper and an erasable pencil. i noticed this change and am so glad to hear your take on the thinking behind it. it's going to be a great new year.

    i have been fooling around with double turns, aka 180 degrees and not just quarter turns. do you think there might be any way to make a program do that? in what i am sure is NOT your copious free time. just wondering.

    thank you again for the pleasure of your skills, k j