Saturday 9 March 2019

Tablet Weaving Draft Designer Updates

We've made some hopefully useful changes to TDD today.

Firstly, bug fixes:

The notice at the bottom of the drafts has been corrected so that the web address only has one http in it.

A typo in a line of code that was resetting the palette to defaults when the page was refreshed has been corrected (our thanks to Mark, who spotted it).

The instructions page now includes a note about using TDD for vacant-hole patterns.

Secondly, interface additions:

You can now choose how dark you want the grey backwards turn squares using a slider in the display section of the control panel. This should hopefully make TDD more useful for people who would prefer a greater level of contrast between the backgrounds of the two types of squares (our thanks to kjax, who inspired this addition during a Ravelry private message exchange).

The display section now also gives you the option to add a red horizontal line to the draft at the turning reversal points. I know many weavers prefer to mark this point as they weave by flipping tablets that need to change twining direction, rather than turning backwards or forwards.


The code for TDD is now available on Github at


  1. oh i love the new improvements. the red turning lines are such a bonus, i often make errors when drawing them in myself on printouts. the gray scale movement on reverses is so nice.

    one of the things i like best about TDD is that it doesn't let me make tablets on my patterns put colors where they can't go. keeps my brain on track! kj

  2. I find your app really easy to use. My only complaint is that I can’t save files when accessing your app via my phone.

    To you have plans to support non computer access?

  3. We don't have any current plans to change the way the website saves files, but it's something we're thinking about in the long term. I'll post about it here if we come up with a good solution.

  4. I love TDD so much! I have recommended it to every tablet weaver I know, and mention you in my classes (teaching occasionally in the SCA). I was never able to get the GTT to work on my computer properly; I fought with it, swore at it, managed to save the files so I could view them, but ended up translating them into the only other thing I had to hand: Excel spreadsheets. Not ideal, but since GTT hasn't been updated in an age, it was all I could do. With yours, I'm able to re-draft a pattern when I don't quite understand the author's design or work out a historic design based on archaeological sketches...or at least I did for one Lithuanian band! One thing I find limiting on TDD is the inability to do double-turns. Some of the patterns published by Lautanauhat (Applesies & Fox Noses) have double turned cards and it would be nice to have that option. Thank you again! Elewys of Finchingefeld, An Tir, SCA.