Friday 15 June 2012

Nocturnal Adventures

Sometimes I get insomnia and when I really, really can't sleep I get up and go on nocturnal adventures on the internet. This week I did something rather more constructive and published my first pattern on Ravelry. About two months ago I decided I really needed a way to keep my favourite bamboo DPNs from getting scattered around the house and poked under the furniture by the cat. I spent an hour or so cruising Rav and couldn't find anything that matched the picture in my head, so I decided to just knit that instead. Scroll forward to a few weeks ago and I showed my spiffy new needle roll, with every needle slotted in and sorted by size, to Best Girl and she wanted one KTHANXBAI. As usual, she persuaded me that it was actually a pretty cool idea and that other people might like to knit it too. I'd actually partially written it up, mostly so I could make another if I fancied. The concept of publishing sat at the back of my mind until this week. I have lower inhibitions at night time and got over my initial *flailwhatifeveryonehatesit* and clicked the submit button.

200 plus downloads later and I'm already feeling a bit excited about what I could publish next.

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