Reading My Tablet Weaving Drafts

I generate all of my drafts using TDD ( My husband, James, and I designed it as a way of generating tablet weaving drafts that match the notation style I've developed over the years. The style used in the book Applesies and Fox Noses is very similar. A forward turn refers to turning the tablets forwards, towards the unwoven warp. A backward turn refers to turning the tablets backwards towards the woven band and the weaver. Please click on the graphic to enlarge it.

I label my tablets clockwise and start every piece of weaving with the tablets in the home position (with the A and D holes uppermost). I make my tablets from scraps of mounting board from our local picture framers, using a ruler, pencil, craft knife and an office hole punch. I prefer tablets that are 5 cm/ 2 inch squares as they fit comfortably in my hands and I can work with a large number at once if needed.

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